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Peter Symonds

Peter Symonds almost needs no introduction. As one of the countrys leading landscape artists, we are honoured to be presenting an extensive collection of fifty new works by him. The scope of this show is unparalleled to Peters previous exhibitions. We are taken on a breathtaking journey through some of the worlds most spectacular landscapes: from the sweeping glens of the Scottish Highlands and the dramatic high cliffs of the Devon & Cornwall coast, to the idyllic, picturesque villages of Surrey & Sussex and the warm, quiet majesty of historic Morocco.

For those familiar with Peters work, the locations within the British Isles and Morocco will be familiar. However, it is incredibly exciting to see the start of a new love-affair with a very different type of landscape: the jagged rocks and ice fields of the Alps. A subject that Peter is developing for future exhibitions, we are delighted to be able to include a taster here.

Whilst Peter is undeniably a master at capturing the scale and awe of dramatic landscape vistas, this is not at the expense of delicate and intimate subject matter. A number of works depict human life either through figures at the beach or the depiction of homes and villages, boats and harbours. Such gentle rendering of human existence living in harmony with the nature Peter portrays, is surely one example of his versatility and immense talent as a landscape artist. Whether it is a spectacular panorama or a snapshot of British rural life, the range within his oeuvre is extensive.

A special mention must be given to the astonishing painting on the front cover of this catalogue. Commissioned by one of our loyalist clients, it is the largest painting Peter has ever undertaken. In his words a dream commission’, he was given free rein to paint any scene of the mountains of Kerry. Clearly this freedom was a catalyst to producing what is arguably his best ever work. Technically it is flawless: the capturing of the light in the foreground to highlight the mountain stream under the imposing shadow of the dark mountain behind, all done on a much larger scale then he is used to working, it is a testament to the calibre of artist we are dealing with that the painting is such an overwhelming success.

All of Peters works speak for themselves, however it is fascinating reading his text contained within this catalogue that details some of the many adventures he went on to achieve the magnificent views represented. A man who clearly is passionate about landscape in every way, through hiking, camping and exploring the scenes he depicts, his work is not merely a subject for him but a reflection of the very person he is.



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